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Sometimes, it’s not always about the destination, but it’s the journey along the way that makes the adventure worthwhile. And during our shoot for Meridian Lines Magazine, the journey we experienced along the way made for an adventure we’ll never want to forget.


To say we were blown away during this shoot would be a massive understatement- between the spectacular sights, the friendly subjects we shot, and the beautiful boat that was our vessel, we can't help but think that this is one our favorite shoots we've done. We can't emphasize how much we enjoyed the overall experience photographing in such a vibrant and beautiful setting.


The wonderful family we traveled with throughout the day during our shoot were some of the sweetest people we’ve ever met in our entire lives. They treated us like family, and it felt as though we had been lifelong friends. It was a pleasure photographing such kind subjects, and we're so thankful they let us onto their beautiful boat for the day. In combination with both the Meridian 541 Sedan's lavish architectural design and luxurious features, it truly was an unforgettable experience.






Just the scenery alone completely took our breaths away. The glittering azure waters and the lush forestry of Lake Lanier Islands provided the perfect atmosphere to compliment our experience traveling with this family. And when the golden hour struck and the sun blazed the waters and the trees, we felt as if we had entered a whole new world as the sun reached the horizon.





All in all, we felt like we were in the the perfect atmosphere to capture our subjects relaxing, and just getting away. And if we're being honest, we had such a great time shooting that we almost forgot that we were working- that's when you know you're getting the best kind of shots. There's nothing more rewarding knowing you're taking your favorite photos because you felt so in tune with the subjects, the scenery, and the experience. And after reviewing our photos later, we felt ourselves reliving the great time we had photographing, cruising, and enjoying the shoot at Lake Lanier with these wonderful people.





We’d like to thank Meridian Lines Magazine for having us explore and journey with them; it was an adventure of a lifetime , and we’ve love to embark on another aquatic quest with them very soon.



Unique. Serene. Astonishing.


These are just a few words to describe the beautiful Pine Mountain town. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let this photo do all the talking:




But seriously- if we had to use just one word to describe our visit to Pine Mountain, it would be this: unforgettable. We had a great time exploring this remarkable town and all it has to offer. From it’s charming residents to it’s outstanding sights, Pine Mountain was filled with so many interesting subjects that made for some of our favorite photos ever.






And truly, these people are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out; those greeting us in Pine Mountain are some of the kindest folks we’ve ever met in our life. Literally- everyone we met was just so nice. It’s not hard to see why these people are filled with so much joy… living in a town filled with delicious bakeries, beautiful boutiques, and stunning sights cultivates a kind of happiness that simply must be shared with others. And although we were just visitors, we felt the love from the town’s residents as they treated us like we were lifelong friends.








Even the little details around town made a big impact on our overall impression of how stunning this town truly is:







Aside from how kind the town’s residents were, we were just blown away by the variety of things to do and things to see Pine Mountain had to offer. From the glittering golf courses of Callaway Gardens to breathtaking mountain views of FDR State Park, Pine Mountain was rich in beautiful sights that made for even more beautiful portraits.











We’d like to take a moment to thank the Adsmith and Pine Mountain Convention & Visitor’s Bureau for making this trip possible. It’s fair enough to say that we would most definitely visit Pine Mountain again.



Well, It's nearing that time of year again. No we're not talking about the current back to school rush that most families are enduring right now. We're talking about the glorious return of College Football. We have been working an awesome client for the past couple of years that is bringing a wonderful new concept to the masses. Fantasy football has been a thing for many years ago, but us college fans have been left out in the cold for far too long. Enter Pigskin Fantasy U, a great new concept that makes gameday even more exciting.

Instead of keeping up with the flood of new players, coaches and injury/police reports, you can draft a roster of your favorite college football programs and duke it our with your biggest rivals. And with a slew of teams to draft (128 Division 1 Schools to be exact), you can turn your Saturdays into a virtual feast of college football excitement. Visit Pigskin Fantasy U now to start or join a league and see why it's all about the wins.












We even had the pleasure of doing a little video work for our friends at PFU. Check it out!


We recently had the opportunity to work with The Adsmith on Peachmac's rebranding campaign. As a retail company, Peachmac employees are the front line of their business and were chosen to befeatured in their marketing efforts. We're guessing that it's a great place to work, as our models were a blast to photograph. Here are just a few of our favorites.










Well, continuing with the honey theme, we have a different kind of honey in S.J. Ursrey and her band Honeychild. Honeychild sends you instantly to the beach – or even under the sea – with her soft melodies and dreamy stories that feel like the embodiment of a nostalgic postcard from the tropics (So go get it already). We had a blast shooting the art for her debut album, American Beach, which is currently a finalist for a Flagpole Athens Music Award. We were lucky to be collaborating with Art Director Page Campbell, Sculptor Noah Saunders (check out that necklace!) and S.J. herself. So much fun.






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