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When we were approached by Clarke County Schools to to photograph their students, faculty and campuses, it was a project that we got excited about.











With all of the changes that have occurred since we were last in school, it would be an insightful look into the life of modern day students, a glimpse not into our past, but the futures of all of the young individuals that will be leading our county – and world – forward in the future.














My, how times have changed. With the rise of the internet and all of the advances that come with it, it is an exciting time for all of us to have so much information available at the click of the mouse or the touch of a tablet.







We were intrigued to see all of the new ideas in education put to work, and became just a little bit jealous of what resources these young students have at their fingertips.







Between the awesome facilities, a focus on sustainable farming, music, dance and visual arts, we can definitely see the positive impact that this diverse generation of students will have on our communities.








We appreciate the opportunity to document these bright young minds and the faculty and staff that pour their hearts into what they do every day, and hope this glimpse gives you the same optimism that it did us.









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At some point or another in our lives, we’ve all had to get dressed up and go to that fancy dinner (whether we may have wanted to, or not). But while the food may be like nothing you’ve ever tasted before, there’s just something unnatural about the whole experience. And sometimes, you might find yourself wishing you would have just stayed at home in your pjs, microwaved a tv dinner, and fallen asleep on the couch.


But every now and then you’ll get lucky and you’ll find that one special restaurant that not only has unbelievably amazing food, but also a restaurant that you just instantly feel connected to, like a place that feels like your favorite memory or your old stomping grounds back at in your hometown. It's the kind of restaurant that redefines the whole experience of eating out with your friends and family- the food tastes just like momma’s cookin’, the waiters and waitresses treat you like life long friends, and you feel like you’re just at home.


And it goes without saying that when Cassie and Wesley had the pleasure of photographing the Whistling Pig Cafe, they found exactly that: a restaurant that feels just like home.



When our team met up with the folks at 6am at Whistling Pig- I chuckled. I know they’re a whole lot like me, in the sense that we all agree back at the studio that mornings are for sleeping, and days & nights are for working. But they were both so enthused to show up & check out Whistling Pig that they simply had to get there first thing in the morning- and they definitely don’t regret waking up at the crack of dawn because when they got there, they were thrilled with what they had found:



Friendly staff, delicious scents, and a beautiful setting. They knew instantly that they had struck gold in terms of restaurants, and no, that’s not just because the golden sun was just beginning to rise.



It’s the kind of place that captures what a good ol’ Southern Charming restaurant truly is. There’s nothing quite being treated with Southern Hospitality, and instantly, our crew felt at ease & comfortable- they felt at home and knew they were going to get some great shots. From the sweet waitresses that address you as “sugar and honey” to the white boards advertising “Pig Lickin’ Cake”, Whistling Pig couldn’t be a better example of hefty serving of soul can make an already great restaurant, even greater.









But what gets people lining up out of the door day after day is the out-of-this-world and unbelievably delicious food. From the perfectly seasoned ribs that fall straight off the bone to the tasty fried corn that refines the whole way one should be getting their daily serving of veggies, the food from Whistling Pig is the kind of food that’s so good, you’ll be thinking about it for days after enjoying it.


Whistling Pig started out small, but after Cassie and Wesley experienced the deliciousness of what is Whistling Pig cuisine, they understood immediately why the restaurant has had to continually expand to accommodate for its ever increasing returning customer base.



We recommend you don’t look at the following images if you’re hungry- because you’ll be practically dying to eat your computer screen after you see these tasty treats.












Aside from the delicious food, just the quirky details tastefully scattered around the restaurant truly separated from the sea of local barbecue shops. Customers honor Whistling Pig by bringing them unique pig statues, figurines, and decorations as a thank you for serving them such wonderful food. Cassie was surprised and never thought she’d take a picture of a Pin Up Pig figurine, but you know what they say… there’s a first time for everything. And these unique idiosyncrasies made for some interesting shots.




We can’t say thank you enough to Whistling Pig for letting our team come photograph them. And if I’m being honest, after looking at these pictures of delicious foods, I might have to grab some of my girlfriends and make a road trip up to Whistling Pig and try it out myself.


- Cathy Marszalik

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Sometimes, it’s not always about the destination, but it’s the journey along the way that makes the adventure worthwhile. And during Cassie and Wesley’s shoot for Meridian Lines Magazine, the journey they experienced along the way made for an adventure they’ll never want to forget.


To say that Cassie and Wesley were blown away during this shoot would be a massive understatement- between the spectacular sights, the friendly subjects they shot, and the beautiful boat that was their vessel, they couldn't help but get some great images.

They couldn’t emphasize enough how much they enjoyed the overall experience photographing in such a vibrant and beautiful setting. Just listening to their stories made me want to grab my best friends, get in my car, and road trip to Lake Lanier to check out everything they were enthusiastically telling me about.
The wonderful family they traveled with throughout the day during their shoot were some of the sweetest people they’ve met. That, in combination with both the Meridian 541 Sedan's lavish design and luxurious features, made it a truly unforgettable experience.






Just the scenery alone completely took their breaths away. The glittering azure waters and the lush forestry of Lake Lanier Islands provided the perfect atmosphere to compliment their experience. 

When the golden hour struck and the sun blazed the waters and the trees, they felt as if they had entered a whole new world.






All in all, Cassie and Wesley felt like they were in the the perfect atmosphere to capture their subjects relaxing and just getting away. And if they’re being honest, they had such a great time shooting that we almost forgot that they were working.

That's when you know you're getting the best kind of shots.

From my own personal experiences with photography, I’ve learned that there's nothing more rewarding knowing you're taking your favorite photos because you felt so in tune with the subjects, the scenery, and the experience. And after Cassie and Wesley reviewed their photos later, they felt themselves reliving the great time they had photographing, cruising, and enjoying the shoot at Lake Lanier with these wonderful people. As I was thumbing through them, I felt like I was there, and that’s when you know you’re looking at a stunning set of photos from a successful photo shoot.





Cassie and Wesley would like to thank Meridian Lines Magazine for having them explore and journey with them, and honestly, after review the pictures, I might have to make a great get away and check them out too.

- Cathy Marszalik



Unique. Serene. Astonishing.


These are just a few words to describe the beautiful Pine Mountain town. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let this photo do all the talking:




But seriously- if we had to use just one word to describe our visit to Pine Mountain, it would be this: unforgettable. We had a great time exploring this remarkable town and all it has to offer. From it’s charming residents to it’s outstanding sights, Pine Mountain was filled with so many interesting subjects that made for some of our favorite photos ever.






And truly, these people are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out; those greeting us in Pine Mountain are some of the kindest folks we’ve ever met in our life. Literally- everyone we met was just so nice. It’s not hard to see why these people are filled with so much joy… living in a town filled with delicious bakeries, beautiful boutiques, and stunning sights cultivates a kind of happiness that simply must be shared with others. And although we were just visitors, we felt the love from the town’s residents as they treated us like we were lifelong friends.








Even the little details around town made a big impact on our overall impression of how stunning this town truly is:







Aside from how kind the town’s residents were, we were just blown away by the variety of things to do and things to see Pine Mountain had to offer. From the glittering golf courses of Callaway Gardens to breathtaking mountain views of FDR State Park, Pine Mountain was rich in beautiful sights that made for even more beautiful portraits.











We’d like to take a moment to thank the Adsmith and Pine Mountain Convention & Visitor’s Bureau for making this trip possible. It’s fair enough to say that we would most definitely visit Pine Mountain again.



Well, It's nearing that time of year again. No we're not talking about the current back to school rush that most families are enduring right now. We're talking about the glorious return of College Football. We have been working an awesome client for the past couple of years that is bringing a wonderful new concept to the masses. Fantasy football has been a thing for many years ago, but us college fans have been left out in the cold for far too long. Enter Pigskin Fantasy U, a great new concept that makes gameday even more exciting.

Instead of keeping up with the flood of new players, coaches and injury/police reports, you can draft a roster of your favorite college football programs and duke it our with your biggest rivals. And with a slew of teams to draft (128 Division 1 Schools to be exact), you can turn your Saturdays into a virtual feast of college football excitement. Visit Pigskin Fantasy U now to start or join a league and see why it's all about the wins.












We even had the pleasure of doing a little video work for our friends at PFU. Check it out!

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